Senator Steve Pierce has introduced a bill that would require the Department of Corrections to release more people into the Transition Program, which provides 90 days of behavioral health programming and reentry assistance to non-violent offenders. The program has existed since 2003 and has a proven track record of success in reducing recidivism.

Eligible individuals are released from prison 90 days prior to their earliest release date (which is 85% of their sentence).

If passed, this bill would potentially release 3,500 individuals this year and 5,000 annually thereafter, greatly reducing the need for the proposed 3,000 new private prison beds and allowing critical state funding to be preserved for other important areas.

The bill has a hearing in the Senate Judiciary Committee THIS THURSDAY (2/19). They need to hear from YOU today!


Tell them to VOTE YES ON SB1390!

Sen. Adam Driggs (Chairman): (602)926-3016,

Sen. Nancy Barto (Vice-Chair): (602)926-5766,

Sen. Bob Worsley, (602)926-5760,

Sen. Lupe Contreras, (602) 926-5284;

Sen. Andrea Dalessandro, (602) 926-5342;

Sen. Martin Quezada, (602) 926-5911;

Suggested Talking Points:

  1. SB1390 expands on an existing and successful program. The Transition Program has proved to increase pub safety:
  • Year 1 post release…..39% reduction in recidivism.
  • Year 2 post release…..41% reduction in recidivism.
  1. Passage of SB1390 could reduce the need for new prison beds, saving taxpayers $100 million over the next three years. That money would be better spent on education and other programs.
  1. This is NOT a “get out of jail free card.” Individuals are placed into housing and programming, not on the streets.
  1. Under the Transition Program, ADC retains authority to determine who is a risk to the public and who can be safely placed in the program.

**If you can blind copy or cc us, we will have a better idea how effective this initiative is.  If you receive responses, even boiler-plate ones, please forward those to us, if possible.

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  1. Vote Yes!!! Arizona does not want a new Private Prison and money taken from Education!!! Please give a chance and hope to people being released from Prison!

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