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House Appropriations Committee Banning Public Testimony on the Budget!

Last week, the Arizona House Appropriations Committee announced it will not allow any public commentary during budget hearings

On Jan 28, the House banned protesting students from being physically present during the Committee meeting on education funding. At one point, the Sergeant At Arms closed the doors to the House and did not let the students enter.


This is why it is extremely important that you join in our Feb 1st DAY OF ACTION!

This Monday, Feb 1st, please call or email the Chairs of the Appropriations Committees to let them know we DO NOT NEED MORE PRISON BEDS!

House Appropriations Chair, Rep. Justin Olson (602) 926-5288.
House Appropriations Vice-Chair, Rep. Vince Leach (602) 926-3106;

Senate Appropriations Chair, Sen. Don Shooter, (602) 926-4139;
Senate Appropriations Vice-Chair, Sen. John Kavanagh, (602) 926-5170;

Suggested Talking Points:

  • I wholeheartedly support Gov. Ducey’s call to reduce the prison population and thank him for his leadership on this issue
  • Legislation proposed this session in addition to the Governor’s recommendations would make new prison beds unnecessary
  • Arizona can’t afford another 20-year contract obligation with a private prison company that requires 90% occupancy in its prisons
  • I urge you to REJECT the request for funding for new prison beds and instead work with the Governor and reform advocates to pursue alternatives to incarceration to reduce the prison population.

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