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We’re looking for a few good researchers…

help wantedAFSC Arizona is seeking four people who are familiar with legal documents and research practices for a paid summer internship position, based in Tucson and/or Phoenix, AZ. Researchers will aid in collecting data from court records in either Pima or Maricopa county to be used in statewide criminal policy analysis. Law students, paralegals, and previous legal interns are encouraged to apply. This temporary position will last approximately six-weeks, and is a paid hourly. Details and the job description can be found here, and are also listed below. Please feel free to share this posting with anyone you think may be interested. 


TITLE: Summer Legal Research Intern

DEPARTMENT: Arizona Office


STATUS: Temporary, 16 hrs/wk for 6 weeks

SUPERVISOR: Caroline Isaacs

REGION/UNIT: West Region/Arizona Office

LOCATION: Tucson, Arizona



AFSC-AZ is seeking law students, paralegals, or others with experience in reading and interpreting legal documents for a part-time contracted research project. We have been awarded a short-term grant to collect sentencing data in Pima and Maricopa counties. We are seeking four (4) people with familiarity in legal documents to research sentencing for a set of criminal cases.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS/RESPONSIBILITIES: The key responsibilities of the position include the following:

1. Completing data collection training: The researcher will be required to be trained in screening court cases, locating data points, collecting information, and properly entering information into database. This will include training on the systems used to review court documents.

2. Collecting and inputting data: Researcher will access court paperwork, screen for the research variables, and input various data points in a timely and efficient manner

3. Reading court documents: Going through a myriad of paperwork, cross referencing information from multiple locations, and properly reporting on the information.

4. Reporting to research team: Attend group meetings, discuss barriers to information, and collaborate to complete goal.



1. Legal background, including employment, internships, or legal research.

2. Current or recent student in the legal field

3. Comfortable with the Gmail platform (Drive, Forms, and Email).

4. Ability to complete data collection from various sources simultaneously.


1. Commitment to Quaker values and testimonies. Understanding of and compatibility with the principles and philosophy of the American Friends Service Committee including non-violence and the belief in the intrinsic worth of every individual.

2. Understanding of and commitment to the principles, concerns, and considerations, of AFSC in regard to issues of race, class, nationality, religion, age, gender and sexual orientation, and disabilities. Demonstrated ability to work and communicate with diverse staff.

3. Commitment of at least 16-hours per week.

4. Availability to work during court business hours (8:00am – 5:00pm, Monday – Friday)

5. Ability to work independently with minimal supervision.

6. Access to personal tablet or laptop.

7. Reliable transportation needed, but personal vehicle not required.

COMPENSATION: $18/hr. There are no medical, dental, or life insurance benefits, short-term or long-term insurance benefits with this position. AFSC does participate in unemployment, worker’s compensation, and social security.

The American Friends Service Committee is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer. Qualified persons are encouraged to apply regardless of their religious affiliation, race, age, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation or disability.

“AFSC’s Central Office and some of its offices in the U.S. are unionized workplaces. This position is not represented.”

The American Friends Service Committee is a smoke-free workplace.

APPLICATION PROCESS: To apply, please send resume, cover letter, and three references to

Position will be open until filled. Ideal start date is July 18th, 2016 or earlier

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