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Be afraid, be very afraid…

Happy Halloween! The Treatment Industrial Complex (TIC) has a sneaky costume this year.

The disguise itself looks like a humanitarian “alternative” to incarceration. Its goal is tricking taxpayers into believing it offers rehabilitation and second chances. But behind this mask of PR rebranding, the TIC is still out to feed off of every person who gets ensnared in the criminal justice system.

Just in time for the scariest of all holidays, Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) announced it was rebranding as “CoreCivic,” providing “diversified government solutions.”

“Rebranding as CoreCivic is the culmination of a multi-year strategy to transform our business from largely corrections and detention services to a wider range of government solutions,” said Damon T. Hininger, the Company’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “The CoreCivic name speaks to our ability to solve the tough challenges facing government at all levels and to the deep sense of service that we feel every day to help people.”  

In other words, a private prison company which has helped to fuel the growth of mass incarceration now says it will provide “solutions” to the problem of high recidivism that it helped create. In fact, this same company plans to continue running prisons that do nothing to prepare people for release and then get contracts to try to help people re-enter society after they have neglected and abused them. Diabolical!

This Halloween we must stop the TIC. Say #No2TIC

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