AFSC-AZ Asks Gov. Ducey to Remove Corrections Director Chuck Ryan

by AFSC-AZ Staff |

A recent exposé by ABC15 reveals that the cell door locks at the Lewis State Prison in Buckeye have been broken for more than five years, allowing for horrifying assaults against both incarcerated people and guards. At least one man has died as a result.

This is the latest in a consistent pattern of mismanagement, abuse, and neglect in Arizona state prisons that has been tolerated for far too long. We implore Gov. Doug Ducey to take immediate action to remove Charles “Chuck” Ryan as Director of Arizona’s Department of Corrections (ADC) and initiate a public search for a new Director, incorporating feedback and participation from key stakeholders, including those directly impacted by the prison system.

: There have been numerous reports of deaths in ADC custody linked to mistreatment and neglect. Here are just a few of the tragic stories that have occurred under Director Ryan’s watch:

Medical Class Action Lawsuit: Arizona has contracted out medical care of incarcerated people to three separate for-profit corporations with the same disastrous results. A class-action lawsuit, Parsons v. Ryan, was brought in 2012 alleging the department was denying and delaying medical care in order to save money. The suit provides ample evidence that incarcerated people are suffering and dying from preventable or treatable conditions and routinely denied medications and referrals to specialists or procedures.

Parties in the case reached a settlement in 2014, and the court continued to monitor compliance with the settlement. In July 2018, the judge imposed sanctions of more than $1.4 million and found ADC Director Ryan and the department’s medical director, Richard Pratt, in contempt of court.

Most recently, a new judge assigned to the case charged that ADC “manipulated the monitoring process so that the … reports showed compliance even when the goals of providing sufficient and appropriate care had not been met.” The state of Arizona has spent more than $5.5 million on attorney’s fees in the case, mostly over the past three years.

Failure to Monitor Private Prisons: During Chuck Ryan’s tenure, there have been riots and escapes at several for-profit prison facilities, resulting in lawsuits and more costly settlements for the state.

In 2010, three people escaped from the Kingman prison, leading authorities on a multi-state manhunt, culminating in the murder of a couple in New Mexico.

In 2011, the state Auditor General called out ADC’s need for better monitoring of private prison contracts.

In 2015, a series of riots erupted at the Kingman prison, primarily in response to excessive use of force from staff.


Watch AFSC-AZ Director Caroline Isaacs explain the many reasons Chuck Ryan should be removed as ADC director at 10 p.m. April 29th on ABC15, (Photo: Joe Watson)

Riots: In February 2018, 12 incarcerated people and one guard were injured at a riot at the Red Rock facility operated by for-profit prison corporation CoreCivic (formerly Corrections Corporation of America or CCA).

On March 1, 2018, a huge riot broke out at the Yuma prison, resulting in major damage to the facility, at least one death, and injuries to 11 staff and 26 incarcerated men. Guards say that they were told that the incident was being planned, and reported it to the ADC Administration, but no action was taken to prevent the uprising.

Staffing Problems: Many of the above-mentioned problems are the result of employing improperly trained staff. Staff vacancies and turnover rates remain dangerously high, meaning that the existing staff is being asked to work longer shifts.

To say that Mr. Ryan is not beloved by his staff is an understatement. In the Lumley Vampire, an underground online newsletter purportedly run by current and former ADC employees, he is referred to as “Darth Vader.”

When Ryan was appointed Interim Director in 2010, the largest correctional officers’ union in the state sent a “no confidence” letter to the Governor.

“‘The department of corrections has been mismanaged by this man,’” said Tixoc Munoz, president of AZCPOA. ‘We have more than 3,200 e-mails back already within 4 days saying they have no confidence in the director.’

Munoz went on to say that union members hesitated with their ‘no confidence’ vote realizing they could pay a high price for it, but in the end, it is the right thing for the state of Arizona.’”

The leaked video of the cell doors at Lewis is evidence that SDC staff are fed up with Director Ryan’s do-nothing administration.

ADC has the third largest state agency budget, totaling over $1.1 billion annually. In spite of this huge investment, it is clear that ADC is failing in its most critical duties—protecting its staff, the incarcerated population, and the public. Arizona’s recidivism rate is around 50%. Despite the fact that ADC has identified 78% of its population as needing drug treatment, only 2% are receiving it at any given time.

Chuck Ryan is one of the last vestiges of an outdated culture of prison management. In order to achieve Gov. Ducey’s stated goal of recidivism reduction, ADC needs a new vision and leadership that is focused on the future, not mired in the failed approaches of the past.

We implore Gov. Ducey to take immediate action to remove Chuck Ryan as ADC Director and initiate a public search for a new Director, incorporating feedback and participation from key stakeholders, including those directly impacted by the prison system.

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  1. Start a petition. I know there are a few thousand families who will gladly sign.

  2. Thank you! Start a petition and I am sure many will sign it. He has to go!

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  3. Gail, the answer to your question is the general public doesn’t care what happens to prisoners. “They deserve whatever happens to them” is the comment I’ve heard from several people I have talked to. Remember Charles Ryan and Terry Stewart were at Abu Ghraib in Iraq when they were torturing prisoners, so why would Ryan care about a few people being beaten up and dying? My partner is currently incarcerated in the Special Needs Medical unit here in Tucson and has personally been denied treatment. He has also witnessed several prisoners die from neglect. Infections were left untreated, heart attacks ignored, wounds left to become infected, to name a few. The lawsuit did nothing to change the care they are getting. They are just better at lying about the lack of treatment.

  4. My son is in Eyman-Cook unit, and has been for 10 years. Since he has been there on a lot of cases, I have sent books, magazines from Barnes and Noble bookstores, and at least 70 percent of them he did not receive. The magazines were wooden boats, small craft advisory, fly tying and wild west, and they said they were lost or maybe taken home with someone. They have had a large mailroom problem for a long time and I have written letters, made phone calls, and they said they would get back with me. BULL. I have spent at least 300 dollars in the last year and I am tired and don’t know who to turn to for help. He has also had a lot of medical problems and no help. I have talked to people at the central office and she gave me a big lie and said she would check on it. BULL. Would someone help me get some results? My name is Richard Jackson, 8142 HWY 64, Ben Wheeler, TX, 75754. Thank you. God bless you.

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