North Star Collective

north-star-starWho We Are

North Star is an AFSC Arizona sponsored collective. It includes people who have been charged, convicted, and branded with an arrest and/or conviction history. North Star also includes loved ones of directly impacted people. We are firmly committed to organizing and agitating for social and legislative change. We prioritize de-entry over re-entry and oppose the rapidly growing and shifting terrain of the treatment industrial complex. We work to educate, assist, and empower our communities. And we challenge the root belief that punishment is synonymous with justice.

What We Do

As we see an ever increasing number of people impacted by the punishment system, we recognize the imperative of organizing ourselves and creating community using an inside/outside approach. Through mentoring, support, and by employing transformative justice approaches The North Star Collective advocates for fullness, access, and healing for directly impacted people and communities.


  • To provide community education
  • To empower and support those currently incarcerated
  • To empower those who have been system involved to recognize their inherent value and talent
  • To train directly impacted people to become leaders and voices for change


  • Freedom Management classes
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Policy Advocacy & Leadership Training


  • Practice self and family care and development
  • Respect and support community
  • Believe in the expertise of directly impacted people and communities

For more information about the North Star Collective, please check out our brochure HERE, or contact Grace Gámez (