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The Untold Story of Elaine Herzberg

It’s been almost two months since Elaine Herzberg died. I didn’t know her, but I think about her often. Elaine was struck and killed by an autonomous Uber near Tempe Town Lake in March. According to her Facebook page, she graduated from Apache Junction High School and lived […]

Thanks, Kim. It’s The Least You Could Do.

Just when I was set to criticize Kim Kardashian West for wasting her celebrity clout on the low-hanging fruit of criminal justice reform–seeking a pardon for Alice Marie Johnson, a 62-year-old grandma locked up for life in Alabama on a nonviolent drug charge–I learned that KKW is also advocating […]

Criminal Justice Reform is Bipartisan in Arizona

On January 11th, AFSC-AZ and other members of Arizona’s bipartisan coalition on criminal justice reform joined Right on Crime for a breakfast briefing that included Republican and Democrat members from both the House and the Senate. More than 100 people attended, sharing experiences and insights. Attendees chatted about […]