Coronavirus COVID-19 and Prisons: Incubating a Pandemic

COVID-19 Crisis in Prison

Coronavirus & Prisons: Incubating a Pandemic

Facts for the Incarcerated, the Inside Story, latest news, and petition to take action and stop a prison pandemic.

Coronavirus COVID-19 Fact Sheet

Fact Sheet for the Incarcerated

Download and distribute vital COVID-19 facts to your incarcerated loved ones. Includes preventative hygiene.


The Inside Story

John Fabricius, one of our RFJ Leaders, shares his experience inside and advocates for the release of our most vulnerable populations.

Coronavirus COVID-19 and Prisons: a deadly combination

The News Feed

Latest updates on the coronavirus crisis and prison, and how it’s affecting our incarcerated loved ones.

If jails and prisons are complacent about the coronavirus, they run the risk of becoming “incubators” for the disease.

Robert Greifinger, Physician
Spent 25 years working inside the nation’s prisons and jails

Results of AFSC-AZ’s COVID-19 Survey for Concerned Families

The results are in, and ADC’s communication about COVID-19 falls short.

Download Fact Sheet

Send this helpful COVID-19 information to friends and family on the inside.

Sign Petition

Demand immediate action from Arizona Dept. of Corrections on Coronavirus!

Protect Our Loved Ones!

An open letter to Governor Ducey and ADC Director Shinn urging immediate measures to protect the Incarcerated.

Tips for Staying Connected to Your Loved Ones

Grab this helpful tip sheet of ADC visitation updates and helpful ways support your loved ones during COVID-19 crisis.