RFJ Mutual Aid Project

UPDATE: The campaign has ended with great success. Thank you to everyone for your overwhelming kindness and compassion.

Read: ReFraming Justice Mutual Aid Campaign FAQs

Help Support Incarcerated People During COVID-19!

You can help protect people inside Arizona’s state prisons by contributing to the ReFraming Justice (RFJ) Mutual Aid Project, providing incarcerated people across the state with much-needed supplies to help keep themselves safe from COVID-19, and making all of our communities – on the inside and out – safer.

RFJ Covid-19 Mutual Aid Donations

According to CDC guidelines, the Arizona Department of Corrections (ADC) should “ensure that sufficient stocks of hygiene supplies, cleaning supplies, PPE, and medical supplies (consistent with the healthcare capabilities of the facility) are on hand and available, and have a plan in place to restock as needed if COVID-19 transmission occurs within the facility.” However, AFSC-Arizona has received reports from those inside, their loved ones, and ADC staff that the department is failing to provide such items to people who are incarcerated, or keep these important supplies stocked throughout the state.

The Virus is on the Move

jimmy jenkins COVID-19 in prison map

Jimmy Jenkins of NPR affiliate KJZZ-Phoenix has created a tool to track cases of COVID-19 in Arizona’s state prisons. As the virus spreads, the delivery of this much-needed aid will be all the more urgent.

What the RFJ Mutual Aid Project Provides for Incarcerated Loved Ones:

  1. Paper towels
  2. Toilet paper
  3. Bar soap
  4. Feminine hygiene products

How Donated Items Make Their Way Inside:

Our RFJ team has been in regular contact with ADC staff to confirm that there is a need, and that community donations would be the best way to get these items into the hands of the incarcerated.

Accordingly, AFSC-AZ has set up an Amazon Wish List of items you can purchase online. Your donated purchases will be shipped to our team and we will hand deliver them to ADC for delivery to prisons across the state.

AFSC-AZ acknowledges Amazon’s problematic history in collaborating with companies like Palantir, who directly profit off of the surveillance, detention, and deportation of our migrant brothers and sisters. At present, we are hindered by the limited types of products ADC will accept and the few platforms that allow wide-participation that maintains social-distancing safety practices. We will continue to explore more ethical platform options over the course of this campaign. Suggestions of alternatives are always appreciated.

How AFSC-AZ Tracks Donated Items:

ADC will store items at its headquarters in Phoenix until ready for transport to other facilities. AFSC-Arizona will collect all available documentation indicating that your mutual aid donations were received.

Thank You!

Please join us in getting these supplies to our loved ones inside.

Browse our supply list and purchase on Amazon. We’ll make sure your donated supplies get to ADC.