Halting Prison Expansion & Privatization

30 years of CCA Nothing to CelebrateFor-profit prison privatization has entrenched itself in Arizona’s legislative and economic fabric, to the detriment of taxpayers, communities, and the incarcerated. Likewise, the criminalization of immigrants is directly related to the profits enjoyed by private prison companies. AFSC Arizona has long held the position that more prisons are never the answer and works tirelessly to halt continued efforts at prison and detention expansion in Arizona.

• Over the past 10 years, AFSC Arizona helped block construction of new prisons or detention centers in Benson, Globe, Goodyear, Sahuarita, Huachuca City, Marana, and Prescott Valley.

• In 2012, AFSC Arizona succeeded in stalling the plan to contract 5,000 new private prison beds; and ultimately reduced the number to only 1,000.

• AFSC Arizona’s in-depth report, Private Prisons: The Public’s Problem (2012), presents a needed critical analysis of the for-profit prison industry in Arizona.