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Drug Sentencing in Arizona: A Prescription for Failure (2017) – AFSC Arizona

Photo by: Mamta Popat

Photo by: Mamta Popat

AFSC-AZ Drug Data Download (2017) – AFSC Arizona

A New Public Safety Framework for Arizona (2016) – AFSC Arizona

Community Cages: Profitizing Community Corrections and Alternatives to Incarceration (2016) – AFSC Arizona

Assessment of the 2015 Riots in Management and Training Corporations’ Kingman, Arizona Prison (2015) – AFSC Arizona

Still Buried Alive: Arizona Prisoner Testimonies on Isolation in Maximum-Security (2014) – AFSC Arizona

Treatment Industrial Complex: How For-Profit Prison Corporations are Undermining Efforts to Treat and Rehabilitate Prisoners for Corporate Gain (2014) – AFSC Arizona

Alternatives to Incarceration: A Review of Arizona Pre-Trial Diversion Programs (2013) – Paula Arnquist for AFSC Arizona

Death Yards: Continuing Problems with Arizona’s Correctional Health Care (2013) – AFSC Arizona

Racial and Ethnic disparity in Arizona’s maximum-security facilities (2013) – AFSC Arizona

High Propensity Voter Opinions on Icarceration Issues (2013) – By GlobaLocal Visions

Lifetime Lockdown: How Isolation Conditions Impact Prisoner Reentry (2012) – AFSC Arizona

Private Prisons: The Public’s Problem (2012) – AFSC Arizona

Turning the Corner: Opportunities for Effective Sentencing and Correctional Practices in Arizona (2011) – By Judith Greene, Published by AFSC Arizona

Buried Alive: Solitary Confinement in Arizona’s Prisons and Jails (2007) – AFSC Arizona


Race and the Politics of Isolation in US Prisons (2014) – By Jamie Bissonette & Bonnie Kerness

Torture in United States Prisons (2011, 2nd Ed.) – By AFSC Prison Watch Project

Inalienable Rights: Applying international human rights standards to the US criminal justice system (2009, 2nd Ed.) – By AFSC Prison Watch Project

Buried Alive: Long-term Isolation in California’s Youth and Adult Prisons (2008) – By Laura Magnani

Confronting Confinement (2006) – A Report by the Commission on Safety and Abuse in America’s Prisons

The Prison Inside The Prison (2003) – By Rachel Kamel & Bonnie Kerness