2020 Weekly Update: May 23rd

After the Arizona House of Representatives voted Thursday to adjourn sine die, the 2020 legislative session is officially over. The good news is that the main reason why legislation like HB 2808 and other reforms did not pass this year has far more to do with the pandemic than anything else, and the future looks bright for impactful reforms.

2020 Weekly Update: May 15th

Oversight for the Win! Gov. Ducey’s stay-at-home order is expiring today for those of us on the outside, but it looks like the fight against further spread of COVID-19 inside Arizona’s state prisons is just beginning. Earlier this week, Ducey and Dr. Cara Christ, the director of the […]

2020 Weekly Update: May 8th

Today, the Arizona Senate voted 24-6 in favor of sine die (or adjournment of the current legislative session). And, you guessed it: That means basically nothing since lawmakers in the House opposed to sine die are growing in numbers and have not voted to adjourn. This legislative game of chicken might be […]

2020 Weekly Update: May 1st

Decision Distancing The happiest of MayDays (under the circumstances) to you! We hope that, like us, you spent a little time outside today soaking up some Vitamin D and standing in solidarity with essential workers demanding safe conditions and pandemic relief. State lawmakers, meanwhile, danced around the proverbial maypole that is Sine Die, […]