2020 Weekly Update: April 17th

As we briefly mentioned last week, the Arizona Department of Corrections has finally added a COVID-19 dashboard to help the public track the spread of the virus in state prisons. This is, in large part, thanks to our friends at The S.T.A.R.T. Project, FAMM, and the Prison Law Office, […]

2020 Weekly Update: April 10th

Even in these extraordinary, uncertain times, people within our movement are truly pulling together in order to achieve positive changes. Advocates from across the country and across the spectrum – activists, educators, community organizers – are working to raise issues that have always existed within the system, but are even more […]

COVID-19 Take Action

COVID-19: Take Action!

So many of you have asked for ways you can get involved. We are pleased to announce our Take Action page, and invite you to join us and our partners across Arizona and around the country in helping to protect incarcerated people from coronavirus and to bring them […]

2020 Weekly Update: April 3rd

COVID-19 Update As we descend further and further into “unprecedented” territory, it’s important to note that the Arizona Department of Corrections seems to be doing the same old, predictable thing: Avoiding accountability & transparency. While hundreds, if not thousands, of families across Arizona have begged for information regarding ADC’s […]