Second Chances Ballot Initiative - AFSC-AZ

About Second Chances Act

The Second Chances, Rehabilitation, and Public Safety Act initiative combines elements of several of the sentencing reform bills that were introduced – and supported by AFSC-Arizona – in the last couple of years, but were blocked from receiving hearings by the opposition or vetoed by the Governor.

The #SecondChancesActAZ will:

  • Expand earned release credits from 1 day for every 6 served (roughly 15 percent of one’s sentence) to 1 day for each day served (50 percent) for people convicted of “non-dangerous” offenses;
  • Restore judicial discretion in cases involving non-dangerous convictions;
  • End the practice of unjustly sentencing people for so-called “Hannah” priors;
  • And create a support services fund to reduce unaddressed trauma for first responders who suffer violent harm as part of their jobs.