Make the Pledge!

pledge (2)For more than 20 years, the American Friends Service Committee-Arizona (AFSC-AZ) has led efforts to reduce the size and scope of the criminal punishment system throughout our state, including the detention of migrants and their families. One of the main drivers of the growth of this system in Arizona is the for-profit incarceration industry.

We are asking all candidates for public office to help us keep corporate interests out of our public safety policy by taking our pledge to reject campaign donations from corporations that profit off mass incarceration.

Companies including CoreCivic and GEO Group—both of which operate prisons and immigrant detention facilities across Arizona—are making billions of dollars by depriving people of their liberty. Using taxpayer revenue to contract with for-profit prison operators is not only wasteful and irresponsible but more importantly, it’s immoral. When those same corporations spend those profits lobbying elected officials and politicians to expand these policies, it undermines our democracy.

Nationally, communities are speaking out against the role of corporate interests in criminal justice and immigration policies like Zero Tolerance, family separation, and mass incarceration. Last month, 10 members of Congress either rejected or refunded contributions from the political action committee of GEO Group. In Florida, where GEO Group is based, the state’s Democratic party pledged not to accept private prison donations.

You can join the nationwide movement against private prison companies and set an example for the leadership of our state. Add your name to this fast-growing list, which includes:

Deedra Abboud

Anita Malik (CD6)
Barbara Sherry (CD2)
Jose Torres (CD5)

Steve Farley
Kelly Fryer
David Garcia

Hazel Chandler (LD20)
Douglas Ervin (LD20)
Pamela Powers Hannley (LD9)
Johnny Martin (LD25)
JP Martin (LD9)
Juan Mendez (LD25 Senate)
Paul Mosley (LD5)
Catherine Ripley (LD10)
Mary McCord Robinson (LD5)
Diego Rodriguez (LD27)
Athena Salman (LD26)

Bill Pierce