Proving that prisons are not the answer for Arizona

pwfvisitgroup-fotoAFSC Arizona combines advocacy for incarcerated people and their families with statewide policy change to document and improve prison conditions while working to reduce the number of people incarcerated in Arizona.

Through research, documentation, advocacy, and sentencing reform, AFSC Arizona secures more humane prison conditions, prevents prison expansion, and fosters alternatives to incarceration.

We serve as a resource for prisoners, ex-prisoners, and their family members, providing information and resources to address questions, and a place to get involved in bringing their voice to the seats of power in Arizona.

Challenging Mass Incarceration: Latest Updates

Admin We're Hiring 2018AFSC-AZ is hiring!  We are seeking a person to aid in our mission of reducing Arizona’s prison population and improving conditions for incarcerated people in Arizona using research and documentation, advocacy, and policy reform.

The Treatment Industrial Complex (TIC) Program Coordinator will work closely with the Program Director on strategic planning, development, and management of ongoing statewide campaigns as well as the creation, launch, and coordination of the national network.  Continue reading…


Governor Ducey’s 911 “Good Samaritan” Proposal is a Responsible Solution to the Ongoing Opioid CrisisAFSC-AZ is proud to partner with behavioral health providers, public health organizations, county governments, and others to promote public health solutions to address addiction without criminalization. Continue reading…

Do you have a friend or family member who is incarcerated for a drug crime?

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A new partnership between AFSC Arizona and Families Against Mandatory Minimums (FAMM) is working to recognize drug addiction as a disease, not a criminal element, and your stories are key. Continue reading…


Arizona State Retirement System (ASRS) further invests in CoreCivic the largest for-profit prison company in the US. The American Friends Service Committee has long been opposed to Arizona’s deep financial involvement in the for-profit private prison industry and is deeply disturbed to learn that the Arizona State Retirement System (ASRS) just increased its shares in CoreCivic (formerly Corrections Corporation of America). Continue reading…


Blurring the Boundaries: Trauma and Healing Justice was a wonderful success! Keynote Speaker Glenn E. Martin from JustLeadershipUSA and local experts provided great insight on working towards a healing justice model, provoking great discussion among participants. Check out some highlights in the video below:

Video production by Will Holst


TREATMENT INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX VIDEO: Check out this short animated video, produced by Brave New Films, that illustrates the dangers of the Treatment Industrial Complex (TIC). Learn more about how private prisons are attempting to hijack the movement to end mass incarceration and what you can do about it here.


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REFRAMING JUSTICE PROJECT: AFSC Arizona is proud to announce the launch of a new multi-media project, Reframing Justice that challenges dominant narratives of crime, punishment, and justice. To learn more and watch the first installment of the video series, please go to our Reframing Justice page.

AFSC Investigate logoINVESTMENT TOOL: Check out a video recording of our recent webinar on how to use the AFSC’s INVESTIGATE website. This is an online screening tool for individuals to find out if their investments, retirement, 401 K’s etc. include stock in companies that profit from mass incarceration. The tool provides in-depth profiles of various companies and recommends several for divestment. Watch the webinar…

AFSC Arizona in the News


Arizona Daily Star, KVOA News for Tucson, and The Capitol Times (which including multiple Op-Edsreported on AFSC’s new report, Drug Sentencing in Arizona: A Prescription for Failure, from August 2017.

Program Director Caroline Isaacs’ article on prison profiteering was published in TruthOut on May 9, 2016. “Divesting from the Prison Privateers You Support Every Day” features two of the corporations that are recommended for divestment on AFSC’s INVESTIGATE websiteLearn more…

AFSC Arizona in the Community…

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