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2020 ReFraming Justice Day Kickoff Event!

For too long, Arizona has lagged far behind the rest of the nation on criminal justice reforms. Why? Because prosecutors and other powerful system actors continue to perpetuate false narratives in order to garner support for their failed “tough-on-crime” policies.

In 2020, AFSC-AZ’s #ReFramingJustice project will bring scores of formerly incarcerated people, their families and loved ones from all over Arizona to the state Capitol in Phoenix to tell the REAL STORIES that define this broken system. And we need all of you to come show your support on the lawn of the Capitol Rose Garden as our ReFraming Justice leaders share their personal experiences from the inside and work to persuade state lawmakers to choose a new path forward!



🎤 An official proclamation that Jan. 21, 2020 is REFRAMING JUSTICE DAY IN ARIZONA!

🎤 A rousing rendition of the Star Spangled Banner, performed by rock guitar legend Wayne Kramer (MC5, Rolling Stone magazine’s Top 100 guitarists of all-time)!

🎤 #FirstStepAct beneficiary Matthew Charles travels all the way from Tennessee to express the dire need for reform in Arizona and share what it was like to have Kim Kardashian lobby for his release from federal prison!

🎤 Directly impacted people from all over the state telling their stories and sharing the truth about the failures of the system.

🎤 ReFraming Justice T-shirts on sale!

Visit Facebook Event Page:

Please visit the event page for our ReFraming Justice Day Kick Off Event to Like and indicate your Interest in Going to this amazing event!

Venue for Reframing Justice Day 2020 Kickoff Event:

Arizona State Capitol
1700 W Washington
Phoenix, Arizona 85007

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