AFSC in the News

“Justice on Tap” is going to rock Tucson!

AFSC Arizona presents: JUSTICE ON TAP | Saturday May 10 @ 7:30pm (Doors @ 6:30pm) | Only $10 at door!

Justice on Tap RialtoTomorrow evening, at the Rialto Theatre in downtown Tucson, AFSC Arizona will present, Justice on Tap featuring Chicha Dust, Carlos Arzate & the Kind Souls, and Cyril Barrett with friends Thøger Lund and Gabriel Sullivan. This will be the eighth year that AFSC Arizona has hosted a music benefit concert of some design. The first few years were hosted in AFSC staff member, Matthew Lowen’s backyard, and from there grew to fill up The Hut, La Cocina, and this year for the first time, the Rialto Theatre!

Excitement has been growing these past few weeks for such a great line up of amazing local artists, at such a bargain price. On Thursday, KXCI’s Home Stretch with Cathy Rivers featured music by the local artists while interviewing AFSC staff person, Matthew Lowen. And Brian Pedersen at The Tucson Weekly previewed Justice on Tap in this week’s edition, describing the event as such:

Justice on Tap features three local bands performing for a $10 cover charge. And while it’s to benefit AFSC’s efforts, you’ll be hard-pressed to find any overt messages about the organization other than an information table.

“It’s really all about the music,” [Caroline] Isaacs said. “We don’t want to depress people with diatribes about how awful things are. We just try to get the most awesome bands we can get, the most variety. Not a lot of talking, just a lot of rocking.”  (read more…)

For a video preview of the musical stylings of Chicha Dust you should definitely check out this link and this one.  Their music is undeniably dance-able, as is Carlos Arzate’s and every outstanding talented artist who will be playing and donating their time to AFSC’s Justice on Tap.  We look forward to seeing you Saturday, May 10th!  Doors open at 6:30pm and music starts at 7:30pm!


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