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AFSC Arizona’s Top Ten Arizona Rebranding Suggestions

Gov. Ducey set off a haboob of snark in response to his announcement that he is hiring a public relations firm to “re-brand Arizona.”

Apparently, being at the bottom of nearly every measurement of child well-being, education, and welfare in the country tends to turn people off. Not to mention Arizona’s reputation for being xenophobic, mean-spirited, and intolerant—that will get you boycotted!

As it turns out, business-owners evidently flinch at relocating to a state that invests so little in its future. Who knew?

FILE - In this Jan. 25, 2012, file photo, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer points during an intense conversation with President Barack Obama after he arrived at Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport, in Mesa, Ariz. In the summer of 2010, race and politics collided when Arizona Republicans passed an immigration law that critics said would lead to racial profiling of Hispanics. Jose Lozano, vice president of the Massachusetts Association of Minority Law Enforcement Officers, remembers Brewer wagging her finger in the president's face, which he thought was ugly and hadn't seen before. "There's no way that would have ever happened to a white president," Lozano said. (AP Photo/Haraz N. Ghanbari, File)

We were intrigued to see how many times our incarceration rate, prison privatization, and other criminal justice issues were mentioned in people’s suggested slogans. We’d like to think that Arizona’s leaders caught that hint, but…nah.

So, just in case you missed it, here are our Top 10 #RebrandAZ suggestions. And, yes, we included one of ours because the Phoenix New Times liked it.

**Honorable mention goes to Jon Stewart (who must hate having to miss out on this material) for dubbing Arizona a “meth-lab of Democracy.”

  1. Jim Cummings‏@Phxflyer 

Arizona: Where Prisons Are Private But Women’s Health Decisions Aren’t #RebrandAZ

  1. Laura Copple‏@MCDPLaura 

AZ: Privatizing Our Way To #50 #rebrandaz

  1. ¡Emily!‏@EmilyVerdugo 

“Arizona: Bought to you by the private prison Industry” @dougducey #ReBrandArizona

  1. David Fitzsimmons @dwfitzsimmons

Arizona: Land of a thousand prisons

  1. Chris Merle‏@clmerle   #RebrandArizona #RebrandAZ

No more school to prison pipeline because no more schools.

Sharon Pilon (via Facebook)

“visit arizona on vacation, leave arizona on probation!”

  1. Becky Reyes(via Facebook)

How about, “Arizona: Less education – more incarceration”

  1. Alison Wood(via Facebook)

“Arizona: you could be incarcerated here!”

  1. Stacey Champion‏@ChampPR 

“Arizona – Pro private prisons, Anti public education. Because we care more about $$$ than kids.” #RebrandAZ

  1. AFSC Arizona @AFSCAZ

“Arizona: Our answer to inflation is mass incarceration!”

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