Proving that prisons are not the answer for Arizona

Faith Summit panelAFSC Arizona combines advocacy for incarcerated people and their families with statewide policy change to document and improve prison conditions while working to reduce the number of people incarcerated in Arizona.

Through research, documentation, advocacy, and sentencing reform, AFSC Arizona secures more humane prison conditions, prevents prison expansion, and fosters alternatives to incarceration.

We serve as a resource for prisoners, ex-prisoners, and their family members, providing information and resources to address questions, and a place to get involved in bringing their voice to the seats of power in Arizona.

Challenging Mass Incarceration: Latest Updates

2/18/15 ACTION ALERT from Arizona Justice Alliance: Senate Judiciary VOTE YES on SB1390! Senator Steve Pierce has introduced a bill that would require the Department of Corrections to release more people into the Transition Program, which provides 90 days of behavioral health programming and reentry assistance to non-violent offenders. The program has existed since 2003 and has a proven track record of success in reducing recidivism.

Eligible individuals are released from prison 90 days prior to their earliest release date (which is 85% of their sentence).

If passed, this bill would potentially release 3,500 individuals this year and 5,000 annually thereafter, greatly reducing the need for the proposed 3,000 new private prison beds and allowing critical state funding to be preserved for other important areas.

CLICK HERE to read the action alert and CALL TODAY! The Senate Judiciary Committee meets TOMORROW (2/19)!

AFSC ARIZONA IS HIRING!! Want to work on issues of mass incarceration in Arizona? AFSC AZ is looking for a Program Coordinator to research and challenge the for-profit private prison industry’s recent expansions into privatized treatment, alternatives to incarceration, and probation. If you are interested in applying or know of someone who is perfect for the job, please follow this link to submit a resume.

Recent Press

IN THE NEWS: Governor Ducey’s budget will continue the trend of cuts in education and other services, while spending $100 million over the next three years for 3,000 more private prison beds. The Editorial Boards of both the Arizona Republic and the Arizona Daily Star have panned the idea. Daily Star Columnist Ernesto Portillo Jr. did a profile on AFSC Director Caroline Isaacs and our work on these issues.

Treatment Industrial Complex report coverIN THE NEWS: AFSC Arizona, Grassroots Leadership, and the Southern Center for Human Rights (SCHR) have released a groundbreaking report “The Treatment Industrial Complex: How For-Profit Prison Corporations are Undermining Efforts to Treat and Rehabilitate Prisoners for Corporate Gain,” that exposes the ways in which for-profit prison corporations are adapting to historic reductions in prison populations by seeking out new markets previously served by non-profit behavioral health and treatment-oriented agencies. For more information go here.




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